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AUVSI Trusted Operator Program Level 3 (Remote Pilots) (PACI-TOP-6-A-006)

This is the certification portal for Individuals who are applying for certification to the AUVSI Trusted Operator Program in the Remote Pilot Category. This competency-based audit is designed for individuals who wish to use previous experience in lieu of a training course.

The Trusted Operator Program (TOP) offers three levels of certification; Level 1, 2, and 3. Each level corresponds to the level of safety precautions required.

TOP operator certification categories accommodate the individual remote pilot and/ or the organization (this is further explained in the AUVSI TOP Protocol Certification Manual). Looking at the levels, you will notice that there are two kinds of certification, one kind for individuals - (remote pilots and instructors), and the other for organizations – (service providers)

The Level of Certification reflects the level of; skill, qualification, knowledge and safety precautions required to operate safely in different commercial UAS industries.

The TOP 3 Remote Pilot certification requires the successful completion of a Practical Flight Assessment to ASTM F3266 standards. This may be at our facilities in Nevada or at a location chosen by the organization. Any travel costs for the Certifying Team are in addition to the base price listed through the LMS, and the travel reimbursement will be charged separately.
  • Prerequisities
  • Self-Certification Statement (initial)
  • TOP 1 Compliance Check (TOP 3 Remote Pilot)
  • TOP 1 Certificate (Remote Pilot)
  • TOP 2 Certificate (Remote Pilot)
  • Training Program
  • Training Program Performance (TOP 3 Remote Pilot)
  • TOP Level 3 Training Course (Remote Pilot)
  • TOP Level 3 Supplemental Training Course (Remote Pilot)
  • Practical UAS Flight Assessment
  • Practical Flight Assessment (TOP Level 3 Remote Pilot)
  • certification
  • AUVSI Licensing Agreement
  • Self-Certification Statement
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed